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  • 5
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  • mFortune
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If you have never experienced an mFortune mobile slot before, then we think that cutting your teeth by playing Quest for Fire slots to begin your experience of this popular UK real cash gaming source. One word of advice: mFortune can have an edgy and even a little twisted sense of humour.

Where to Play

It is as if mFortune — which can boast about making its own exclusive games — is taking the piss out of other games and themes at the same time that it creates a fun game. Quest for Fire is definitely a spoof of the prehistoric or caveman era, and it can only be played at one site.


Although it is a UK favourite mFortune is a trusted international mobile casino as well. Its welcome bonus of £5 may seem small, but the difference is that all winnings from it can be kept without wagering requirements. 100% match up to £100 is also available.

Rules, Design & Strategy

Like all mFortune titles, Quest for Fire is exceedingly easy to learn to play. One bit of caution we have goes out to anybody who suffers motion sickness of a sort when a game or movie has a really active background. In the case of this slot, that background is red hot molten lava. This is a game that has deadly wit, so get used to that.

Just check out the Paytable (there is a button that says ‘PAY/INFO’ at the bottom left corner) so you know which symbols are highest value and so that you can familiarise with the 15 paylines. Fortunately you won’t have to memorise anything since the slot will automatically register your wins and mark them up.

Design Details

The framing for the 5 reels with 3 rows (which is an excellent format for mobile) is all gray stone, which helps buffer one’s vision a bit from the hellish lava oozing all around and giving off a warm glow. The symbols are all detailed icons featuring dinos, slabs of red meat, rubies and speckled eggs — for players who want a fruit machine with standard casino symbols this game will take a while to recognise.

Another design detail we would like to highlight from quest for fire slots is the transitions between the main game screen and the three bonus rounds. Ingeniously, mFortune’s artists chose to thrust a player through a dark hole into the mountain, where one sees creepy things lurking while passing, to arrive in a bonus scene (like a prehistoric cafe kitchen).

One thing you eventually notice in every detail of this game is a sense of dark humour and plenty of visual pun on anything familiar you might expect to see in a stone age theme. Players who don’t want to be distracted by a creative game with lots of quirks to explore may want to go with a slot that is more traditional.

Stone Age Strategy

Since this is a lighthearted slot that is mainly for mobile players with a medium to low risk rating, which can be played for as little as 2p per payline, we recommend just enjoying it and learning how to profit as you go. One the other hand, those who are intent to win something as well should simply remember that the bet must be set as high as possible when luck strikes so that the jackpot is big.

Our review of Quest for Fire on its own is positive, but so is our general view of mFortune, with its honest bonus cash, its excellent banking with PayPal and pay-by-phone as well as its super service.