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Slot Info

  • 3 X 5
  • 20
  • Intouch Games
  • yes
  • yes

The developer of the Spin Your Cards Right Slots is Intouch Games, which doubled the game’s amusing themes by combining a slot with a game show. That makes for a flashy little mobile spinner, backed by a major UK brand.

Where to Play

If you try this Spin Your Cards Right Slot and you like it, then you’ll see how the site that offers it exclusively will also offer benefits — so let’s take a quick look at PocketWin before moving on to see the game.


Being a casino site with unique custom games is rare enough, but PocketWin also gives no-deposit-required bonus cash of £5 that’s free of restrictions, so players are able to keep what they win. That is rare and special. [Read full review]

Playing Spin Your Cards

The design of this mobile casino mimics watching a generic TV game show, replete with all the cliches including a toothy host called ‘brilliant Bob’ and his two bombshell female assistants. You see the game’s 5 reels against the backdrop of that TV show setting (with your hosts at the right and left) but otherwise it will feel like a familiar slot. Even the bonus side-game is a standard spin-the-wheel scenario.

Rules of Spin Your Cards

You can play Spin Your Cards Right for as little as 2p per payline. That should tell you this slot game is suitable for casual players, which is true. But it also has a progressive jackpot that will attract players who do keep their sights set on a life-changing payout at any time, even during casual sessions.

That said, PocketWin’s progressive jackpot is not likely to reach astronomical proportions but it is a nice carrot alongside the game’s normal maximum payoff.

At 20, this slot has 5 more paylines than many of InTouch’s other titles, and that makes it slightly less risky. The RTP of Spin Your Cards is a bit over 96%, which is middling — perfect for mobile players.

Spin Strategy

Based on what we just pointed out above, there are no special techniques for getting the most out of Spin Your Luck beyond what you probably already know: bet high to win big. The nice thing about this slot is how it can be enjoyed for lower stakes and yet all hold out the promise of a larger progressive jackpot win.

Mobile players will find that the volatility or risk factor of Spin Your Luck is in the right range that balances the game’s moment to moment fun experience with the ability to win a more significant amount. After all, the presence of real money to win is the very quality that will provide part of this title’s thrill as a mobile slot, which is easy to start playing and can go with you in most situations.

Final Comments

Although we’re crazy about most of PocketWin’s portfolio and about the site itself — being a sister site of the tremendous mFortune brand that is so beloved in the UK — we can’t say this review of its game-show theme is sparkling. But we realise that many, many people will love its campy resemblance to TV shows, and enjoy its good graces, too.

There are important fringe benefits if you want to try your Luck, since PocketWin has modest but real bonuses (that allow you to keep any and all winnings), exclusive games and ultra easy payment methods like PayPal and Pay-by-phone.