Vegas World from FlowPlay

At the beginning of October 2013, the creators of Trophy Slots launched their Club Casino product to Facebook, which was an all-encompassing casino product, based closely on the gameplay from Vegas World from FlowPlay.  The Club Casino app has much of the same features as in Vegas World, but the experience you can get from FlowPlay is making it a far superior platform in the run up to its launch on Facebook, desktop browsers, mobile browsers, iOS devices and tablets.


Social Experience

The new Vegas World providers a social casino experience to their players and is cross-platform across any device, meaning players can interact regardless of what they are accessing from.  To create a bustling social atmosphere, players are asked to create a customised avatar which will represent them in the social world.  Once the character is established, they can get involved in the range of casual casino games, featuring anything from Bingo to Texas Hold’em to Solitaire.


Fringo is a particularly original game, which provides players with a mixed bingo and slots experience.  Players of the game will see fruit flying cross the top of the screen, and they must tap on the various fruits to score points.  As the slot machine reels begin to fill up you’ll earn points for getting full ‘Fringos’.  There are only a limited number of fruit available for each game, and the amount you can get will decide whether you win a few coins or a lot.

Earning Coins

As players continue to earn coins, they will climb up the levels, consequently unlocking various upgradables, including hotel suites (which are the homes of the avatars).  You will start in a dingy room, with worm carpets and wallpaper, and must work your way up to the luxury diamond suites, with the diamond chandelier hanging from above.

The entire gaming experience happens as part of the social environment, thanks to the chat facility which is available throughout.  There are also additional features for interaction between friends and strangers alike.  There is a Charm system integrated into the game, which allows players to ‘buy a round’ of Drink Charms for other players, increasing overall luck and payout amounts.  The charms can also be acquired manually and different ones have differing effects on the gaming experience.  As an example, Champagne Charms will go on for longer than Beer Charms.

Try out the game today to find out for yourself.