New Poker Sites

Poker is a game that we all know and love, with millions of online gamers logging in to play each day. For this reason, we’re seeing loads of new poker sites coming online to cater to them. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you all about playing on the latest sites.

Best New Poker Sites

If you’d like to play on new poker sites UK based, then we’d go ahead with these ones for a great player experience:

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If you intend to play on these sites, we’d suggest reading the terms and conditions first.

New Features and Variants that you can Expect from New Poker Sites

One of the features that is most valuable for players on newer sites is that they tend to have more updated games. Older, stagnant casino sites may just have the same old three and five card offerings, which isn’t very inspiring.

When we play online, we enjoy playing on the latest games, with cool features and variants. This includes:

  • Side Bets – Being able to place an additional bet or grab an extra feature is ideal for players, as you’re not constricted to just the basics of the game. Instead, there’s more to do, experiment with and try out. These still allow you to play those games that you like, but you usually have the chance to place an extra bet should you choose to do so.
  • Live Versions – Live casinos boomed onto the scene in the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing these become more varied. Some of the largest providers of live games have added prestige, Texas Hold Em and stud poker. Our only criticism of this format is that it doesn’t offer as much choice for players, but this could be changing.
  • Variants – Variants are brilliant and always keep us on our toes. Poker is a game that offers a lot of opportunity for this kind of innovation, as the basics can be customised quite a lot. As we see more developers catching on to the popularity of this game, we should see more of these variants. New and updated sites are the ones that will have you playing with the latest versions to come out.

Are there Advantages to Playing in New Poker Sites?

You might be tempted to go for a site that’s a bit more established, but new sites also come with a load of perks. If you play on these, then you can benefit from:

  • Valuable Promotions – Within the promotions section of a new site, you may find offers that are worth a lot more. They want to get more users signed up and playing, so they might give some better bonuses than their competitors. While this can vary a lot from site to site, if you poke about their promotions section then you might just find a gem of a deal.
  • Varied Promotions – This kind of ties into our last point, as new sites are also usually willing to offer you a variety of promotions. They might not stick to the usual welcome offer, reload bonus structure. Instead, they might let you pick your own bonus or enjoy a cheeky giveaway. We like to see sites that do things different, so long as they’re still giving us value for money.
  • Mobile Compatibility – You may be surprised to know that not every casino site is compatible with mobile devices, considering how popular these are with gamers. Older sites might not allow you to access them via mobile or the games may be limited. Most new sites have great levels of optimisation to make things better for their users.

Key Aspects to Look for in a New Site

If you want to play on one of these new sites, then we’d suggest that you look out for the following aspects to make sure that your experience is a good one.

Staying Safe

The vast majority of sites out there are safe to play on, but we’d always suggest that you check out their licence. You can click through this on the homepage, or look them up via the Gambling Commission’s website.

As far as fairness goes, they should be using a random number generator for all of their games. This will usually be displayed somewhere on the site and they may also have independent testing in place.

Finally, you will also want to be aware of the kind of security that they offer you. Take a good look around a new site and assess their security before you go ahead and give them your information.


We all want great value for money and bonuses are a great way to get just that. On a new site, you may be able to scoop up no deposit bonuses, welcome packages and VIP offers. They may also choose to reward their new players with giveaways, prize draws and other freebies.

Payment Methods

Tying into that security factor that we mentioned above, you’ll also probably want to look for the safe payment methods that you like to use. This is important because if you’re accustomed to using something like PayPal, then you really want it at your disposal. We like to see sites that are always adding new payment methods too, as we like to test out the latest tech.

Poker Variants

Poker is quite a simple game, but there are a lot of variants under this genre that make playing the game more exciting. Twists on the classic game keep us interested for much longer, rather than just having a couple of versions to play. It’s even better if they add new versions regularly to keep up with the latest trends.

Poker Tournaments

Is there anything better than getting a bit competitive with poker? Tournaments allow you this chance and they will let you get started with playing in a different way, which again helps to make sure that things are fun for you.

Future Developments we Expect to See

So what else can we expect to see from new poker sites 2018? The following developments are the ones that we will be looking out for:

  • Better Graphics – As technology becomes even better and more capable, we’ll most likely see better graphics in the average casino game. This could end up being virtual reality, augmented reality or just higher resolution. With smartphones and PCs more able to cope with these graphics, anyone can enjoy them.
  • More Games – This is pretty much a given, as there will be more developers creating new games that we enjoy. With casino games picking up steam, there will be more developers honing in on the game of poker we’d expect. If we look back at how many new poker games have come along in recent years, the number per year has been rising, with new developers getting in on the game.
  • More Betting Styles – To make things better for players, you’ll most likely see more sites offering their players different betting styles and side bets. This can include staple ones like Colour of the Flop and Hold ‘Em Lottery, but also new ones that are exclusive to the site.

These developments will get bigger and better as time goes on, with 2018 set to be a great year for poker players. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news on this great game as time goes on, so be sure to check back with us.