Casino Saga

You have to admire Casino Saga for the sheer amount of effort. The creative minds behind the online casino have formed a fantastical story to inspire players. In a nutshell, Sagaville is a group of 40 islands – presumably based on Greek lore – that challenges players to defeat ‘Bosses’ in bonus battles to unlock ‘Saga’ versions of games.

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Honestly, there are few casino websites in a position to challenge this level of imagination.

 Device Compatibility

The site itself is not a good source of information on mobile compatibility. Even the ‘Help’ section carries no specific information for mobile casino players. However, having performed testing, we can confirm that you will be able to access your account with Apple and Android devices, including both smartphones and tablets, featuring the latest operating systems.

 Navigating Account Creation

Unless you are using a tablet, we have to advise that you do this on a laptop. is not yet optimised for display on smartphones, so you will have difficulty reading and inputting the various fields of information required. One of the final pieces of information to supply is your mobile phone number and country number. Enter both of these to attach your phone to your account. We are hoping for a mobile-optimised version of the experience in the near future.

 Become a Hero

The most exciting part of the account creation process has got to be choosing your avatar. In total, there are ten characters to choose from. Both genders are represented and there are lots of roles to play, including warrior, adventurer, sorcerer, wizard, and princess. Current avatars cannot be modified, but Casino Saga is working on a system to give players the power to customise their characters. No timeframe is currently being offered on the implementation of this feature.

 Free Spins for Newbies

There is so much to tell you about this imaginative online casino. For instance, you can claim free spins instead of bonus funds whenever making your first deposit. Following the successful creation of your account, a table outlining the various deposit options will be presented. As you can see below, the greater the deposit the higher the free spins:

  • €10 – 25 free spins
  • €20 – 60 free spins
  • €50 – 120 free spins
  • €100 – 175 free spins
  • €200 – 250 free spins

Payment Methods

The limited list of options will let you deposit and withdraw using VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, and bank transfers. You can handle all transactions with your mobile device.

 Complete the Quest

Sagaville has been divided into 40 different regions to represent 40 ‘Saga’ versions of casino games. All of these are locked when you open a new account and it’s up to you to unlock them. Achieve this by challenging the ‘Boss’ of each region to a game in which you will strive to obtain more experience points (XPs) than them. The good news is that Boss games will not draw from your own funds.

 Overall Gaming Experience

The casino games come from imaginative developers BetSoft and NetEnt, giving you a broad selection comprising online slots, table games, and video poker. A tablet is the best bet for these, as the larger screen size suits the un-optimised mobile nature of