Roulette Inside vs Outside Bets

This time we’re going to look closely at the betting options in Roulette. Betting is the main action in this game, since players do not hold cards or perform any actions aside from indicating their wagers upon the table, and then watching how the wheel (and their luck!) turns. The grid where betting is done is called the ‘layout’.

The Layout

As you have probably seen at some point, the betting layout is located on one side, usually both, of the Roulette wheel itself. The numbered squares in which you can place your bets are arranged in a logical grid 3 squares wide and 12 deep, with large squares for the zero(s) at the top. If the ball lands in the zero slot then a wager is lost unless it is placed upon the zero.

Along the outsides of this grid are large areas for the different ‘outside’ bets, which are sequences of numbers (like Odd) rather than wagers laid upon single numbers or just a few of them that are called ‘inside’ or narrower bets. Let’s now take a look at both these types in detail, one by one.

NOTE: We will concentrate on the European or French version of Roulette since on average its RTP (return to player %) is almost 3% higher than the American version, with its additional ‘00’ slot reserved for the house.

Outside Bets

If you want to play Roulette with less risk but lower potential winnings then Outside bets are the best option, at least until you get more inspired to go for a gutsier wager. In Roulette at a live casino table, there are different chips for outside vs inside bets to set the two sorts of players apart.

Here are the outside bets explained (with probability of winning):

  1. Red or Black — (48.6%) possibly the simplest of all Roulette bets
  2. Even or Odd — (48.6%) for those who think in numbers not colours
  3. Low or High — (48.6%) you can bet on the first or last 18 numbers
  4. Dozens — (32.4%) bet on one of 3 sets of 12 numbers
  5. Column — same odds as Dozens, bet on a vertical line of 12 numbers
  6. Snake Bet — 12 numbers in a zig-zag pattern: the most creative bet!

Inside Bets

  1. Single or Straight — (2.7%) this is the toughest bet to win in Roulette
  2. Trio — (8.1%) this bet is zero plus 1,2 or 2,3
  3. First Four or Basket — (10.8%) this bet is on 0,1,2,3
  4. Corner or Square — (10.8%) a bet on four numbers sharing a corner
  5. Split — (5.4%) 2 adjacent number, horizontal or vertical
  6. Street — same as a Trio, but 3 numbers horizontally
  7. Double Street — (16.2%) same a Street but two rows, 6 numbers

Bet Your Mood

So, as you can see, there are bets that players can match to how they feel. It helps to know the probabilities included above to make logical as well as intuitive choices. In the end, Roulette is a pure game of chance, and betting is the only action a player controls.

Those who love Roulette no doubt create their own meanings for all of the Outside and Inside bets. However, beginning players can learn their own game and practices by first deciding how daring a bet should be (the most dramatic being a Single or Straight bet, of course) and then fine tune it.

Online Advantages

Perhaps the best thing about playing online roulette is the ability to try all these types of wagers for lower stakes, which is not very common if one plays the game inside a land-based casino. The other advantage of the Web is that you can refer to a helpful guide (like this one) as you play, but even the games themselves usually provide extra help.

Once you have the hang of things, reputable online casinos offer you the option of playing live Roulette, which combines the best of both worlds. After all, many players love this game precisely because of the wheel itself, its physical behaviour, and, the often charming spinners who do the work! Live online Roulette games supply all the human thrill while allowing players to settle in comfortably at home or wherever they choose.